We need to show how we provide value.

All of us have significant accomplishments and accolades from our Special Forces careers.  We have been able to rise up the ranks and receive awards that we did not ask for.  The amount of specialized training and real-life experiences with indigenous populations is hard for others to match.  We have earned the right to wearContinue reading “We need to show how we provide value.”

Masters of the basics. A list to master.

We are successful in our missions because we are masters of the basics.  Transitioning out of the Army should be no different, it’s our new mission.  So, we have to research, prepare, and master the new basics necessary for us to crush it in the private sector.  Below is a task list to master beforeContinue reading “Masters of the basics. A list to master.”

War stories are cool, but…

Transitioning Green Beret’s possess excellent skills and experiences to bring value to a new organization upon their transition out of the Army.  Sharing these experiences is critical to networking and informing others about our skill sets.  We all have cool war stories that we can tell.  That time we were surrounded and fought our wayContinue reading “War stories are cool, but…”

Are you owed anything?

Plain and simple NO.  Let me repeat it, YOU ARE NOT OWED ANYTHING!  It doesn’t matter that you’re a veteran, especially a Special Forces veteran.  Nothing will be given to you, just like in uniform everything will be earned through hard work and dedication.  If you have any entitled expectations, then you are failing yourself,Continue reading “Are you owed anything?”