Capitalizing on Networks

     If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that “going it alone” is not a great option when we discuss our “Transition Mission.” Time and again, there are so many Green Berets that are close friends of mine that have opted to become the “silent professional” or not looked outward enough to get the mentorship that would provide them the leg up in the business world.

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At some point, we need to provide a resume.

During our time in the Army and Special Forces we did not need a resume.  We looked at each other’s uniforms and were able to tell quite a bit about our teammates.  If we were being considered for a promotion or assignment, they looked at our records, records briefs, and evaluations.  It was quite simple and we didn’t really have to work to sell ourselves as the necessary data was right there for them to look at.  That is over for us, we now need to market ourselves and translate our experiences into a resume.  Most likely this resume will be one page to let someone know how great we are and how we will provide value to them based upon our past experiences. Continue reading At some point, we need to provide a resume.

It’s not what’s important to you, it’s what’s important to them.

As we look through our careers, we all have moments that are special.  Most likely they are specific missions that we were privileged to conduct, the people we worked with or some significant accomplishments.  Maybe it was a time that we survived an ambush or cheated death in another way. These would be the highlights of our careers if we were to think of it as a movie trailer to ourselves.  What’s more important as we transition is to identify what is more critical to our future organizations. Continue reading It’s not what’s important to you, it’s what’s important to them.

Here are some HARD skills for thought.

First, recognizing that we have a capability gap and admitting to ourselves that we need to do something about, let’s explore some options.  We can choose to be frustrated or held back by it, or we can embrace it. I’m going to list some options that I have found recently and a little about them, in no specific order. Obviously, these are not the same as pursuing a graduate degree or certification across industries.  What we can do is pick up some of the language and begin to understand what are P&L, data analytics, or cash flows. Continue reading Here are some HARD skills for thought.