Capitalizing on Networks

     If there is one thing I have learned, it’s that “going it alone” is not a great option when we discuss our “Transition Mission.” Time and again, there are so many Green Berets that are close friends of mine that have opted to become the “silent professional” or not looked outward enough to get the mentorship that would provide them the leg up in the business world.

     Networking has been inherent for most Team Guys while serving on an ODA, especially when it comes to targeting or even resourcing items we need from the G-4. However, this methodology is somehow lost in translation when it comes to job searches or learning about programs like higher education. It is mind-blowing to think that guys are forgetting such a simple but necessary characteristic that is engrained in most of us.

    However, it’s NEVER too late to reach out here!! The resources are out there guys. That is part of why we have started SF2BIZ in the first place. Heck, even I am learning of opportunities almost daily because of the guys that I have connected with from other Special Forces Groups!! And when one considers the amount of people each one of us knows, it makes you think of our times in “Pineland” and how we used our auxiliary personnel. 

    The last thing to draw from this is that more often than not, it’s not who you know, it’s “who knows you?” If you aren’t capitalizing on the friendships that you have through other friends, then you’re not doing it right. On that same note, keep in mind that if someone is doing you a favor and putting in a good word, do not waste that opportunity; make sure you follow-up with that connection!! Make sure you make the most the people you are surrounded by and pay it forward too. Networking can be a very symbiotic relationship on a myriad of levels if you do it right. I have seen this transpire on numerous occasions; a job offer is laid out, not necessarily a good fit for me, but one of my friends or I usually know someone who could fit the bill. A “rally point” to the prospect and client are provided, and voila, the network has successfully secured a job and all walk away fulfilled. Think how exponentially greater this is when we all share a mindset and use these simple skill sets. Want to learn more, reach out to our personnel through SF2BIZ to learn more about mentorship and engaging our networks. 


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