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Although our service in the military may come to a close, for most of us, service never truly ends. Much like the duty of networking has been a part of our kinetic targeting in operations abroad, our Cadre here are working to translate that into a business aspect.

So, if you are a transitioning Green Beret, a potential mentor, or even a donor to the SF2BIZ cause,  this effort has been created by those who have undergone or are experiencing the difficulties adjusting to our new environment. This “Transition Mission” is ever-evolving and has no cookie-cutter answer, no one person is the same. We here at SF2BIZ are privy to these challenges and have united our efforts so we may all provide an outlet to one another.

In times like these, just as communication and technology continue to develop, we too must remain vigilant to be relevant. That means providing more effective lessons learned to our teammates on a global perspective. Feel free to reach out to any of our Cadre here, as we all have different experiences with approaches to varying career fields. Much like our lives on an SFOD-A, if we don’t have the answer immediately, we’ll run it down. There is no course of action that we can’t all work together to achieve.

Lastly, understand the difference from “Quiet Professionals” vs. Silent Professionals- we don’t know what you don’t tell us. So please, speak up and reach out for assistance from someone here. If you know someone else that we need to connect with, drop us a line as well. Thanks for visiting the “Team Room” here!


Erich Martin, Chief of Operations

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