We need to show how we provide value.

All of us have significant accomplishments and accolades from our Special Forces careers.  We have been able to rise up the ranks and receive awards that we did not ask for.  The amount of specialized training and real-life experiences with indigenous populations is hard for others to match.  We have earned the right to wear the Green Beret and have lived up to those standards on missions across the globe.  All of this is nice and will make great stories for our grandkids if we are willing to share.  None of this tells how we will bring value to a new organization.

To be hired for that next position, we have to SHOW how we will bring value to the organization.  If we are anticipating a salary of $90,000, then we damn well better show how we are going to make them $180,000. Otherwise, why would we be hired? To tell great stories at office Christmas parties and around the water cooler?  Not for that price tag, we won’t.

Past experiences can demonstrate future success, but we need to show them how that is the case.  We need to translate the skills that will provide the company or school value.  Our ability to solve problems, build rapport, and achieve results are examples of skills that we can translate.  We need to be able to quantify how we will bring value and fill important gaps where we are applying.  What skills do we have that can bring value ($$$) to the new organization?

Next time you are applying to an organization, think how am I demonstrating the value I will bring to this organization.  Am I translating the right skills?  Does this translation show the value I will bring to an organization?  I’ve looked at thousands of job postings, I’ve yet to find one that said Leader or Problem Solver.  We have skills that translate to value for the company, research will reveal what those are for each organization.

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