Am I settling for something?

During my MBA admission interview with this awesome girl, Nishy, she brought up the point of not settling for just any job.  It really resonated with me and made me think more about it on the 20-hour drive back from New Hampshire.  I was supposed to fly, but we missed our flight, and I decided for the second time that I would drive to and from New Hampshire to visit the MBA program I love.

This couple of minutes talking about not settling with Nishy opened my eyes to the fact that I had the same philosophy on life.  I had not settled with being Human Resources (my only option at enlistment due to being color blind) and became a Drill Sergeant.  I had not been content with being a Drill Sergeant and earned the US Army Drill Sergeant of the Year award in 2008.  I had not settled for this and volunteered, was selected and trained for Special Forces.  I did not want to be in just any group, so I chose 5th Group.  Sorry fellas, but The Legion has been at the forefront of our nation’s wars for quite some time.  Plus, I knew peace was not breaking out in the Middle East anytime soon. I did not settle for mediocrity and our team got to do some amazing missions.  Leaving the Army knowing I wanted to pursue an MBA, I did not pursue just any school.  I wanted a top-tier program that fit me.  This is the only program I applied to even though a lesser ranked but highly respected school recruited me and told me I would be accepted.  I don’t list all of this to say look at me.  I put the info out there to say look at yourself. People like us don’t settle.  If we did, we would not have made it through SFAS & SFQC.

I have spoken with many transitioning veterans who have settled for a job.  Please don’t do this, you will regret it later.  One of the fellas intimately involved with SF2BIZ did this and within 7 months resigned from his position to seek a new one.  His experience taught him a great lesson, I hope he will share this experience in the future.  21A you know who you are.  It is ok to say no to a job offer, it’s crucial to not accept it at the first minute of being offered the position.  Take some time and reflect on whether it is the right job at the right time and in the right place.  I know it’s easier said than done heading into the unknown, but all of us have been on the ramp ready to jump or at the door ready to breach.  All I’m saying is take the proverbial minute to check that chute or take a deep breath as you look over the stack, about ready to bust open that door.

Be confident enough in yourself and your value to assume that risk for yourself and your family. Weigh all of your options to include future opportunities before you decide.  If it’s the perfect fit, ok hop on the offer.  However, we transitioning Green Berets undersell ourselves all the time and settle for just any job or school.  Don’t settle, you are a valuable commodity that should be treated as such, especially by yourself.

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One thought on “Am I settling for something?

  1. Do not settle! That is not who we are and, although the transition is hard and there are many unknowns, remember what you overcame to join the Regiment and that we strive in ambiguity.

    Stay hungry! DOL.

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