Birth of SF2BIZ

I was a Special Forces Team Sergeant who was approaching his time to hang up the uniform. Knowing I didn’t want to follow the standard contracting job route when I retire or stay in the Army doing mundane administrative work, I started to research a transition into the business world. What I found was not encouraging, as there was not a lot of information available. But like any good Special Forces NCO, I was not discouraged, I accepted the challenge with a smile and an unmatched passion. I committed myself to make the mission a success.

I found there was minimal information available, geared only towards a military commissioned officer to transition into business. These programs are a possible route for a great Special Forces Captain to exit the Army and transition into business. There was almost nothing that dealt with an enlisted soldier, specifically a Special Force NCO, transitioning to the business world. I decided that was going to change!

As I planned my next mission, exiting the Army, I decided to provide a much-needed service to a group of unsung warriors. I envisioned this effort growing to become something that every Special Forces Officer and NCO can use to assist in their transition out of the uniform. A place where they can come to get information and assistance in their development. A team room where they can get connected with a mentor to assist them in this process. A location where business leaders can find quality candidates to fill the ranks of their company. Lastly, a spot on the map where they can translate their unique skill set into a successful career.

Some may ask why? What does the Special Forces veteran provide? In simple terms, daily the Special Forces veteran makes decisions similar, to at a minimum a mid-level business manager in the corporate world. The vast difference is that lives were at stake in the choices for the Special Forces veteran, under what most people would consider the most stressful conditions, he is implementing U.S. national policy on the ground, and is usually by/with/through a foreign partner. They understand problem-solving and rapport building at a doctoral level, if not they and their brothers may feel the repercussions. Being around these outstanding men, I have gained an appreciation for their capabilities. I know they can accomplish anything they desire.

When it is time to exit the Army, they have an array of tangible and intangible skills to offer in corporate America. You want your business to succeed and grow, higher a Green Beret, they will not disappoint. We are the quiet professionals, implementing U.S. foreign policy in a faraway land under horrible conditions. We work with our indigenous forces to allow them to secure their own country and meet the strategic objectives of our country.

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